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I know it's a tough gig, but we've seemed to have
Tue Dec 5, 2017 11:40am

lost the character required to perform tasks that require us to put our prejudices aside.

I'd like to think at one time we had people capable of placing duty and honor over their personal feelings.

I know it wasn't the case 100% of the time, but it's beginning to feel like people rarely do.

With the Obama administration's antics within the Justice Department and the IRS, we can see politics came before duty and honor. There was no shame by those perpetrating the devious acts either.

  • Much Ado, But Is It Fake Ado? ~ Merlin, Tue Dec 5 11:06am
    I would think that every man and woman in the FBI, CIA, Dept of Justice, the Courts, Police, etc. has political inclinations one way or another. Trump sounds as if he will be happy with no one else... more
    • I might also remind you ... ~ TW, Tue Dec 5 2:10pm
      If it's not prudent for the highest official over the U.S. Justice department to shoot off his mouth, then it's not good for the lesser officials to engage in such behavior either. ;o)... more
      • to spend the rest of his career playing solitaire. Not for being a Hillaryist, but for being stupid enough to chatter on government telecommunications. May have just as well have tweeted Trump... more
    • I know it's a tough gig, but we've seemed to have ~ TW, Tue Dec 5 11:40am
      • What Real Choice Did We Ever Have ~ Merlin, Tue Dec 5 11:54am
        but to give them the watchers the benefit of the doubt, but watch them but verify...and if evidence is found of their personal feelings tainting their execution of their duties... more
        • Ummmmm ~ Deanna, Tue Dec 5 12:23pm
          Trump employs many Mexicans....and as far as I know he is not prejudiced against honest, law-abiding fact, I know he isn''ve swallowed whole a left wing... more
          • so why not employ ~ Trish, Tue Dec 5 12:44pm
            Americans? Just sayin
            • Many of them don't like to work, ~ shadow, Tue Dec 5 12:49pm
              have an attitude and feel entitled. Mexicans, otoh, are often happy to work, do it well, and are cheerful. The best service we get in our SoCal town is from Mexican Americans and perhaps Mexican... more
              • Very True and Exact!! ~ Deanna, Tue Dec 5 1:09pm
                When we first moved to Glenwood Springs, 1984...there were very very few Mexican families in the area....Glenwood Springs is 40 miles north of Aspen and in the winter time the only way... more
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