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It's great to watch --- BUT!!!--- We're still in a country
Tue Dec 5, 2017 1:14pm

where a scumbag with a lifetime of corruption, filth, vileness, of Pure Evil was a nominee.

Where a socialist almost was too.

Where a (even though the fake conservative for votes) lefty like Clinton, Carter an Obama DID win.

We're still in DEEP shit... and this election and the fact Trump is abandoned by his own party shows how deep wide and foul the Swamp truly is.

I was not too terribly impressed by Trump as a man before.

Seeing him battle everyone including his own side because he wants what HE sees as best for the country (common sense, really) and doing it for free when he never needed to has really impressed me.

Not to mention his energy and enthusiasm at an age when most men are winding down...

  • LOL....Love This....!! ~ Deanna, Tue Dec 5 12:43pm
    Shows the smartest Democrats in the USA!
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