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Mondi Fuego™
Is that per day? ... week? ... month?
Tue Dec 5, 2017 2:48pm


  • States With Heaviest Drinking.... ~ Deanna, Tue Dec 5 10:28am
    STATES WITH HEAVIEST DRINKING 1. New Hampshire: 4.72 gallons per capita 2. Washington, D.C.: 3.82 gallons 3. Delaware: 3.68 gallons 4. Nevada: 3.32 gallons 5. North Dakota: 3.25 gallons 6. (tie)... more
    • Is that per day? ... week? ... month? ~ Mondi Fuego™, Tue Dec 5 2:48pm
      • LOL ~ Deanna, Tue Dec 5 3:18pm
        Good Questions!!!
    • People are probably drinking more out of boredom. I wonder if the consumption picks up in winter over summer? Even if it doesn't, those that drink for recreation will tend to practice the habit... more
      • LOL.... ~ Deanna, Tue Dec 5 12:24pm
        I'll agree with you about Nevada.....I did wonder how they didn't make the list...:)
        • OOPS..... ~ Deanna, Tue Dec 5 12:25pm
          Should have looked before I made that dumb statement.....:)
      • I noticed that. ~ shadow, Tue Dec 5 12:15pm
        The Russkies and the Irish are victims in the same way.
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