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I Daresay Men and Women Might Find Them Erotic
Tue Dec 5, 2017 7:34pm

Things is that the petition’s author, Mia Merrill, did not object to the exhibition of the painting on grounds of religion or the eroticism of the painting.

"The petition’s author, Mia Merrill, suggested that the painting be replaced by a painting by a female painter from the same time period as Balthus, who died in 2001.

Ms. Merrill also insisted she was not trying to encourage censorship. “But the blatant objectification and sexualization of a child is where I draw the line,” Ms. Merrill said by phone on Friday."

I like the paintings you posted, though how a laptop git into one of them I'll never know. ;-)

Personally, my taste runs to something more subtle and understated.

Though it was considered far from subtle in Paris in 1884.

The painting was considered too provocative; sex pervaded it. Not even an actress, it was remarked, would wear a dress that shockingly low-cut and snug! And that strap! A little imagination conjured up a scene in which a slight struggle with a lover might knock Madame X’s right strap completely off her shoulder leading to… ! Paris was abuzz with the scandal. Madame Gautreau’s mother demanded that Sargent withdraw the painting from the exhibit. He refused.

The painting, considered a beloved masterpiece today but pornographic by 1884 Parisian standards of decency, was trashed by the Paris critics so badly that Sargent, having lived in Paris for a decade then, was eventually forced to move to London to continue his profession. Sargent revised the painting to show the gown’s right strap securely in place. It is this retouched painting that hangs in the New York Metropolitan today.

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