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Uhh...Hillary committed serious offenses and got off
Tue Dec 5, 2017 8:36pm

scot free. Others have been punished heavily for far less breaches of security. Also with no intention to commit a crime. That matters not as it is a crime to be careless from a security standpoint period!

BTW, that a-hole Strzok petitioned for a less harsh sounding description for Hillary's transgressions and apparently got it. Comey is an idiot.

  • but accuse Strzok of being dishonorable and failing to do their duty simply because he is critical of Trump politically, then in effect you accuse everyone. IOW, some proof that Strzok was and is... more
    • Uhh...Hillary committed serious offenses and got off ~ TW, Tue Dec 5 8:36pm
      • And? ~ Merlin, Wed Dec 6 6:11am
        Other than being one of who knows how many FBI agents, Democrats and Republicans, involved, what did he do that was illegal?
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