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One Thing I Disagree With...
Wed Dec 6, 2017 9:52am (XFF: the assumption by French that Mueller was under some kind of obligation to tell everyone about the firing immediately.

He absolutely was not.

This investigation is delicate. Mueller is skillfully navigating a tangled web and trying to do so without letting the spiders realize it until he has them cornered. Trump's favorite tool, from the start, has been distraction. He wants to discredit the investigation in any way possible before the investigation is able to put together an airtight case and catch the biggest spiders.

If this firing had come out immediately, it would have been seized upon by Trump and his team and leveraged to attack the investigation. In reality, the firing is irrelevant to the facts of the investigation. Would it have been nice for Mueller to be able to notify everyone about the firing immediately? Sure. But it was more important to preserve the investigation against interference.


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