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Wow. You say "This investigation is delicate"
Wed Dec 6, 2017 10:02am

but then say he did not need to make the firing public immediately????? As if letting it be discovered later helps with the "delicacy" of the situation????


  • One Thing I Disagree With... ~ Amadeus, Wed Dec 6 9:52am the assumption by French that Mueller was under some kind of obligation to tell everyone about the firing immediately. He absolutely was not. This investigation is delicate. Mueller is... more
    • You sound like a self-professed expert on Mueller ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Dec 6 2:35pm
      "This investigation is delicate. Mueller is skillfully navigating a tangled web and trying to do so without letting the spiders realize it until he has them cornered." Quite to the contrary, Mueller... more
    • Wow. You say "This investigation is delicate" ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Wed Dec 6 10:02am
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