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It's a well known ploy to use the phrase
Wed Dec 6, 2017 10:08am

"conspiracy theorist" to dismiss/disqualify the person and the assertion. While your point about me could be considered, it's doubtful a individual who was a top aide within hthe REPUBLICAN Reagan Adminstration, with credential in the discipline of economics who writes an opinion piece from
his knowledgeable expertise and savvy, is a conspiracy theorist. As you likely know the phrase was invented by the CIA to seek to impugn the credibility of so many independent investigators who discovered valid facts that JFK was the victim of a conspiracy. This BS worked like a charm, and stuck like glue, you being a fine example. I have been reading Mr. Roberts articles for the past year. He is a sober thinker. As a former DC insider certainly he is in a position to invoke the image of CONSPIRACY towards the machinations of the ruling kleptocrats. As for WikiLeaks it is just another mind fvck.

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