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Mondo Fuego™
You sound like a self-professed expert on Mueller
Wed Dec 6, 2017 2:35pm

"This investigation is delicate. Mueller is skillfully navigating a tangled web and trying to do so without letting the spiders realize it until he has them cornered."

Quite to the contrary, Mueller is a bumbling old codger on a political witch hunt, and he is now being called out by significant media sources and leaders for being incompetent and politically-motivated.

In your delusions of adequacy, you always see things the wrong way. By failing to report the firing and having it leak out another way brought about the opportunity that has been seized upon by Trump and his team and leveraged to attack the failing "investigation".

  • One Thing I Disagree With... ~ Amadeus, Wed Dec 6 9:52am the assumption by French that Mueller was under some kind of obligation to tell everyone about the firing immediately. He absolutely was not. This investigation is delicate. Mueller is... more
    • You sound like a self-professed expert on Mueller ~ Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Dec 6 2:35pm
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