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Mueller derserves no more credit for removing
Wed Dec 6, 2017 3:30pm

Strzok than Al Capone does for turing in one of his incompetent henchmen.

He wasn't being noble he was saying "SHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

  • First is the troubling fact that people in big government are allowing their partisanship to affect the performance of their tasks. Second is the fact that there are so many in big government that... more
    • Mueller derserves no more credit for removing ~ Ted, Wed Dec 6 3:30pm
    • One Thing I Disagree With... ~ Amadeus, Wed Dec 6 9:52am the assumption by French that Mueller was under some kind of obligation to tell everyone about the firing immediately. He absolutely was not. This investigation is delicate. Mueller is... more
    • IMO, the worst part of the issue... ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Wed Dec 6 9:49am
      The write Agency Law. Stuff that does not go through the Legislature. The EPA in particular is rampant with nonsense that would NEVER get through Congress, but just gets enacted as Agency Law out of... more
      • If you can't pass it via the people/Congress, you just utilize activists in the judicial system or have some government bureaucracy force their will upon the masses. The left loves to utilize the... more
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