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Wed Dec 6, 2017 3:33pm

this is why I have an accountant - I hope that you fight and win.

  • Laugh of the day !! ~ Deplorable Pheoma, Wed Dec 6 3:14pm
    Just got a letter in the mail today from the IRS. They are billing me for $10,147.24 for changes I requested to my 2015 tax return. Didn't say what changes. And they want it by Dec 25, 2017. Merry... more
    • damn ~ Trish, Wed Dec 6 3:33pm
      • No worries ~ Deplorable Pheoma, Wed Dec 6 3:53pm
        Like I said, there is probably some problem over there with communications. The mail room probably didn't get my amended return to the right people before they decided to take action. I'm sure I can... more
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