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Here are 2 things I know. If Obama or Hillary were
Wed Dec 6, 2017 8:42pm

being investigated by such staunch partisans the left would be howling incessantly. Face it! Three people on Mueller's team have such deep Clinton ties they have no business whatsoever on this investigation. The optics alone make it throw off a stench.

If a Republican Secretary of State had behaved in the manner of Hillary Clinton and received "kid-glove treatment" the way Hillary did, the left would be screaming foul,

I hired a former submariner about a year and a half ago. He could have never have gotten away with a fraction of what Hillary and Company did from a national security standpoint. He would have been guaranteed to get a reduction in rank to the lowest level, a dishonorable discharge, and some time in Leavenworth. Not only does he know that, there have been others that suffered the same in the military for far less of an infraction than Hillary committed.

People serving their nation in the military deserve more leniency than some fat-assed politician that's spent their whole career enriching themselves by utilizing their government connections. Hillary deserves jail time for that alone.

  • The fact that an FBI agent involved in the Clinton emails investigation was reportedly a partisan Democrat is not in itself damning. I’m taking a “wait and see” attitude on FBI agent Peter Strzok,... more
    • What a fargin' joke coming from you ... ~ Mondo Fuego™, Wed Dec 6 9:03pm
      ... you have been condemning and convicting Trump, his family, and all his entourage without any evidence whatsoever, but you want to WAIT for Strzok? You are a piece of work.
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