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You need to sober up!
Thu Dec 7, 2017 7:47am

Moving Israel's capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a major prophetic event. And how did this occur? By the recognition from Mystery Babylon that it recognizes the reality. Think about this.....the Zionist capture of Babylon, the nexus like the earth and the moon, a captured empire-nation doing the bidding of 05 percent of our population....and for NO known foreign policy benefit. This is yet another blunder. Truly Ariel Sharon knew what he stated: "We own the Babylonians and the Babylonians know it."

  • Watch Out For the Assterhoids! ~ Merlin, Thu Dec 7 6:33am
    • You need to sober up! ~ PH🍻🍺🍾EY, Thu Dec 7 7:47am
      • you first.... ~ KDM on the left coast, Thu Dec 7 3:45pm
        ...if you were sober you would already know what everyone else does...that Jerusalem is and always has been the capital of Israel.
        • And a bright bulb like you ~ PH👅👅EY, Thu Dec 7 6:18pm
          are not ought to know perception allowed everyone of an interest in that coveted perception to pretend. The perceived gauntlet has been tossed and rubbed into the face of a pretense. Why must Babylon ... more
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