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I've got a wait and see attitude, but I think Mueller
Thu Dec 7, 2017 9:07am

could have picked a better crew. One in which, at the very least, had better optics.

I think that says something worth noting about Mueller's ability to run the circus as well.

Additionally, if there is evidence of partisanship, Mueller's really going to look very bad and there will be yet another nail in the coffin of the American people's confidence in their government.

And one more time: The left too would be howling incessantly regardless of the fact that there's currently no evidence.

And finally, lack of evidence does not mean there was no crime or infraction committed. One thing lawyers are good at is covering their tracks or leaving only enough evidence to get themselves verbal condemnations. Look at Bill and Hillary. You'll not find a dirtier pair of people that have escaped their just deserts.

  • As McCarthy Points Out So Eloquently ~ Merlin, Thu Dec 7 6:32am
    At present that is merely what Republicans are doing, howling incessantly based not upon any evidence that Strzok did anything amiss, but simply because he is not a Republican. I'm with McCarthy:... more
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