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KDM on the left coast
yes, and airline tickets, on hand, to Mars or Venus (nm)
Thu Dec 7, 2017 9:55am

  • throttling down your access. You are revealing the hidden agendas of those that do not have these things revealed. I think I'd sleep with my doors well secured and a pistol within easy reach as well. ... more
    • My doors ~ PH👀👻EY, Thu Dec 7 10:22am
      are never locked. I sleep with an 8 pound chihuahua mix. I did notice my phone came on about 10 minutes after it had been turned off by me. That seemed peculiar. I am under no illusion about the... more
    • yes, and airline tickets, on hand, to Mars or Venus (nm) ~ KDM on the left coast, Thu Dec 7 9:55am
      • do cause one to ponder ~ PH🌎🔥💥EY, Thu Dec 7 10:29am
        your two cents worth. I confess I am a bit "anxious" about the global meltdown, and the instability of our first Jewish President. Lying in bed last evening it occurred to me my sudden fixation with... more
        • to escape" - and I would add ' REALITY'.
          • Perhaps. But one must not allow one's ~ PH🤓🤓Ey, Thu Dec 7 5:25pm
            imagination to run rampant (yours in this instance). Tis best to take that jewel and turn it 360, in 3D. Try it sometime. From such an observation one admits one might not necessarily have all the... more
        • I had a dream, just last night... ~ KDM on the left coast, Thu Dec 7 3:43pm
          ...I was rebuilding a 426 Dodge Ramcharger engine for another hot rod project. Priorities, you know. In any event, why don't you take that trip to Mars and then send me a postcard filling me in on... more
          • You could stand some Gestalt! ~ PH😳😀EY, Thu Dec 7 5:29pm
            You had a nightmare! From the looks of it I would say .... CANCUN. Wish you were here🌎🌛.
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