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Thu Dec 7, 2017 10:25am

Katie Pavlich…….9m
Wray says in his experience it is not normal practice for a witness in a case to also serve as the attorney for the subject of the investigation re: Cheryl Mills and Hillary Clinton

Donald J. Trump……56m
National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - “A day that will live in infamy!” December 7, 1941

Stacey Dash…….20h
I find it interesting that a number of the studios & agencies suddenly “outraged” by this eruption of sex accusations blacklisted me for my politics but all this time have enabled some of the most flagrant sexual predators.

Walter Cronkite…….2h
If you take a knee during the national anthem the person standing in front of you with their ass in your face will be me. Feel free to give me a kiss. And that’s the way it is…

Dinesh D’Souza……..20m
We have both houses of Congress & the presidency, so why are THEY investigating us while we are not investigating THEM?

Mark Dubowitz……..13h
June 2017: Senate votes 90-0, that “Jerusalem should remain the undivided capital of Israel.” Trump: “OK”. Reaction: Mass hysteria.

Katie Pavlich…….24m
Wray delivers heartfelt statement defending the tens-of-thousands of agents and staff who work hard everyday to protect Americans they will never meet

Larry Elder…….12h
Conyers’ son, his handpicked successor, was accused of domestic violence. GF got a restraining order, still in effect. He’s well qualified.

The Associated Press…….9h
BREAKING: Australian Parliament allows same-sex marriage across nation, 1st weddings expected in February.

Ann Coulter……..20m
Mark Steyn: "First, it shouldn't be a crime to lie to the FBI given the way the FBI lies to us" @MarkSteynOnline

Chuck Grassley……19h
Jerusalem Embassy Act of ‘95 (Senate vote 93-5 & I voted for it) states embassy should be in Jerusalem by 5/31/99. For 18 yrs, Rep + Dem presidents waived. Congrats Pres Trump for making this move. Amen!!!

Katie Pavlich……8m
Wray keeps telling Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee he's not going to answer legal questions about the President, she keeps asking them anyway

Dana Loesch……18h
Dana Loesch Retweeted Andrew Beatty
Their gates of hell have always been open. The only way Hamas could shock the world now is to call for peace.
Dana Loesch added,
Andrew Beatty
Verified account
Hamas says Trump's decision opens 'gates of hell'

Donald Trump, Jr………1h
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted The Hill
I’m pretty sure that’s not how it would end...
Donald Trump Jr. added,

The Hill
Verified account
Jennifer Lawrence: If I meet Trump, it'll end with "a martini to the face"

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