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It pleases me to see you
Thu Dec 7, 2017 1:19pm

designating we people of the various states as CITIZENS. For truly that is what we are under the Constitution, citizens of the State in which one resides. As a collective of States, a united nation, we are U.S.NATIONALS. Therefore, if one is asked if he or she is an AMERICAN CITIZEN, an affirmative would be incorrect. The Federal Government knows this but keeps on pushing the fraud. When the beast thinks the time is right, it will force into the population a requirement that one must carry a national ID card.

  • that wants all the "benefits of socialism", you must be willing to pay for them. Brown is a socialist loving governor. Simple put, send you're whole paycheck to the government. The government will... more
    • It pleases me to see you ~ PH💰💰EY, Thu Dec 7 1:19pm
      • More word salad ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Thu Dec 7 1:30pm
        We are citizens of the COUNTRY of the United States of America. We are United States Citizens, as well as citizens of our home State. The term "American Citizen" may be inaccurate from a purely "word ... more
        • Sorry, but the only ~ PH😳😳EY, Thu Dec 7 2:12pm
          U.S. citizens are those who fall under the 14th Amendment. And they be African Americans, freed slaves who were made to be citizens of the United States during the Lincoln Administration. Word salad... more
          • LOL! Tell that to my passport ~ Wonderin', Thu Dec 7 5:34pm
            You are one weird kid.
            • That is a given ~ PH👀EY, Thu Dec 7 8:21pm
              that one cannot travel freely without a number and image. But merely that it's standard procedure says how we assume something is lawful. Few if any question anything. You being one of the lesser... more
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