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DAVID ICKE banned by Farcebook!
Sun Jan 7, 2018 8:17am

Is there anything more galling than having bitten into the "Apple" from the tree of high tech internet free exchange of ideas promises only to have this net neutral "deal" turned on its head because of his nterest censorship. While I do think some of David Icke's concepts are bizarre, he does offer entertainment. Does one need Farcebook to stand in the way of free access to free expression? Do I pay a pile of money a year for unfettered access to a myriad of entertaining websites (and some that piss me off) for Markie Suckerberg to decide what should be censored, blocked, and dismissed from the virtual realm of ideas because content is not politically correct? Or the the notion that the Queen of England is a Lizard, which some would suggest is fake news? Answer......YES! Suckerberg has made me the sucker! Either Muckerberg and the PC crowd STOPS this nonsense, or I will non-renew my "idiot contract" and cancel out the Internet. Books are quite satisfying. My phone requirement needs are basic and I can save money, too. So muck you Puckerberg! You coward who has shown your tyrannical ass by bowing down to your sponsors!!

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