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Food stamp recipients down 2 million under Trump...
Sun Jan 7, 2018 9:28am

...but what about those poor starving children whose DUMocrat parents won't have food stamps to trade for drugs, alcohol, and guns.

    • viable statistics ~ Trish, Sun Jan 7 10:46am
      on "democrat" parents on foodstamps who DO NOT work, and who use those for drugs etc. Note you have to prove child neglect in this. I am sure you cannot. Your arguments are becoming as stupid as jbs. ... more
      • Have you ever been a foster parent? ~ TEXRA, Sun Jan 7 11:01am
        ...I have. I saw it first hand. I lived it. Wait till you see a kid who begged for food from neighbors because the useless dad sold the foodstamps for drugs.
    • I can see why you ~ PH🐂💨EY, Sun Jan 7 9:54am
      do not give a crap about WACO! Where do you get your hard hearted attitude? And starvation is not a republican nor democratic issue as you would have it be. How much do you weigh? Probably fat as a... more
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