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Tell it like it is
Cash is King
Mon Jan 8, 2018 9:57am

That is the only way a poor person can beat the rich at their game

    • Electronic transactions can be traced. Cash cannot. Imagine a typical lobbyist meeting with Senator Foghorn. What is the lobbyist supposed to do, give the Senator a bag of credit cards? Not workable. ... more
    • That's right! ~ PH👍🏿💵👍🏿EY, Mon Jan 8 10:08am
      It's the only device left that keeps the poor man's shadow economy intact. Alas, our oligarch-controllers plan to take our cash and hand us a debit card. That will spell the end of flea market chump... more
      • Cash will still be around for a long time. (nm) ~ Mondo Fuego™, Mon Jan 8 10:32am
      • So, let me get this straight.... ~ TheFrustratedPragmatist, Mon Jan 8 10:14am
        Cash deducted from my checking account through the use of a debit card is different than cash I take out of the checking account and hand over? Wow.
        • That's right. ~ PH💵💵EY, Mon Jan 8 2:23pm
          Apparently you use your debit card at flea markets and garage sales? Oh I see, you have never sullied your self hanging out with fleas inside a garage? Another buffoon with a silver foot in his... more
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