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New for 2018...Climate Chaos!!!!!
Mon Jan 8, 2018 10:34am

First we were threatened with Global Warming, then that evolved in to AGW, or Anthropogenic Global Warming (to blame it on human activity), but then it evolved further in to CAGW, or Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming to really, really scare us about ocean levels rising 50 feet and all sort of scary stuff! Well, NONE of the models have proven to be even close to reality, and NONE of the predictions about global warming have come even close.

So, the new term starting in 2018 is going to be Climate Chaos. Which is sort of ironic when you think about it...the very fallacy of all of the climate models is that they attempt to model a very chaotic system that ultimately requires them to add a dozen variables to try to remove the chaos from the system....

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