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Night Tweets.....
Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:39pm

Dan Bonino……1h
Now that it’s becoming clear that the dossier was used to obtain a warrant to spy on the Trump team Dems are starting to squirm. Let’s be honest & call it what it is, the Clinton campaign was deputized to use the weapons of govt against the Trump team. And that’s a fact Jack.

The Hill…….40s
Poll: Voters think Trump will be cleared in Russia probe

Laura Ingraham……….5h
How interesting that pro-Amnesty @CoryGardner won’t join me on @foxnews or on radio but is on @msnbc now. That he’s more comfortable there is telling.

Tucker Carlson…….2h
Why should we pay for health care for someone who broke our laws and snuck into our country illegally? #Tucker @FoxNews

Sarah Sanders ……….31m
66% of voters say the economy is "good" or "excellent" - the highest since 2001 - according to new Quinnipiac poll. America has turned a corner under the President’s strong leadership.

Sharyll Attkisson……2m
Sharyl Attkisson Retweeted PeterSweden
I don't know what you've been reporting but if Media Matters is targeting you, it's typically validation that you're close to an uncomfortable truth. So a good sign. Congrats!
Sharyl Attkisson added,
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Does anyone know of some company called "Media Matters" ?

I just saw they wrote some kind of hate article about me recently.

Donald J. Trump…….4h
Cutting taxes and simplifying regulations makes America the place to invest! Great news as Toyota and Mazda announce they are bringing 4,000 JOBS and investing $1.6 BILLION in Alabama, helping to further grow our economy!

Donald Trump, Jr……….3h
Donald Trump Jr. Retweeted CNBC Now
This is a big Deal... and not one Democrat voted for it.
Donald Trump Jr. added,

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JUST IN: Waste Management says it will distribute a $2,000 bonus to every North American employee not on a bonus or sales incentive plan, including hourly and other employees, due to tax reform.

The Hill ……50s
Poll: Voters think Trump will be cleared in Russia probe

    • Trump team" Nothing unusual here! At least as far as how things were handled in the Obama administration. Weaponizing the government for use against your political opponents was a hallmark of the... more
      • Time will tell. (nm) ~ clint (I), Thu Jan 11 3:37pm
      • So Very True..... ~ Deanna, Thu Jan 11 10:12am
        As hysterical as the Democrats were about Richard Nixon checking out their is surprising they are not hysterical about Obama and Clinton???? Nixon looks like an angel against this... more
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