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Deplorable Otis
Oil prices on the rise.....
Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:01am

cuz.......there’s a lot of consumin goin on out there!!

Filler er up......POKEY.........LMFAO

    • Not so fast Ottis ~ Tell it like it is, Thu Jan 11 12:12pm
      Maybe you should research how much fuel I can make out of a acre of cattails or sugar beets I got lots of barrels and a large still . If fuel gets too high I may make my own and sell some also. So I... more
    • Maybe this will pull ~ PH💩💩EY, Thu Jan 11 11:42am
      Venezuela out of the economic target zone. But, truly do we need more catmrbon into the atmosphere? Or do you think rising prices reduce carbon emissions? California just attacked the consumer here... more
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