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Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:03pm

Dan Bongino…….7h
It’s both sad & pathetic watching swamp rat Democrats try to make the case that thousands of dollars of bonuses being paid out to American workers are “crumbs.” Watch a bunch of elitist, out-of-touch, snobs.

Ann Coulter……4h
Okay, yes -- Trump shouldn't call them "shithole countries." A little respect is in order. They are shithole nations.

Jeb Bush…….3h
For every one step forward @POTUS takes when it comes to judgement and good, coherent policy decisions, he Inexplicably and without fail takes ten steps back. I hope today’s comments were just a crass and flippant mistake, and do not reflect the hateful racism they imply. 1/2

Newt Gingrich……4h
Every single Democrat up for re-election this year owes voters an explanation as to why they voted against lower taxes, higher take-home pay, and more jobs.

Laura Ingraham…..8h
At year-end 2016, more than 21 percent of federal prisoners (39,956 of 189,192) were non-U.S. citizens.

Phillip Schuyler…..7h
The Obama Library will contain NO REAL DOCUMENTS.
No Birth Certificate.
Clint Eastwood was so right: the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the America

Dan Bongino…….1h
Fascinating that Nancy Pelosi mentions race today in an overtly racist comment while Trump never mentions race at all in a comment on immigration, yet, the liberal goons call Trump the racist.

Donald J. Trump…….52m
Democrat Dianne Feinstein should never have released secret committee testimony to the public without authorization. Very disrespectful to committee members and possibly illegal. She blamed her poor decision on the fact she had a cold - a first!

Charlie Kirk…….7h
A federal judge is blocking the deportation of more than 1,400 Iraqis who have committed crimes including murder, rape, and kidnapping here in the US.

He also now may force ICE to put them back on the street

Ryan Fournier……6h
Democrats have never been able to get Walmart to raise their hourly wages. President Trump managed to do it in under a year. Boom!

Eric Boling…….12h
Eric Bolling Retweeted MicroagressLibTards
Accidentally taking a Xanax laced with Fentanyl killed our son. “Bad batch” they called it. Take the time to have an open and honest conversation with your kids about this prolific killer. It may save a life.
Eric Bolling added,

Replying to @Lrihendry @ericbolling and 2 others
Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, is starting to become the leading drug in this addiction epidemic. Fentanyl comes from the "People's Republic" of China. #StopChineseImports until they stop the traffic at their end.

Obama's #40dollars was real money that made the difference between life & death, but the GOP's $1000 is just crumbs.

    • Jeb Bush was on the mark concerning Trump's language. It is not good judgment to use the crass terminology he used. Even though what he stated is essentially the truth. He needs to be Presidential... more
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