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Tell it like it is
Good Morning Trumpet Puppets
Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:15am

What has your Puppet Master Trump ordered you to do today?

    • Inflation is out of control ~ Tell it like it is, Fri Jan 12 8:23am
      Your dollar has less spending power
      • LOLOLOL ~ Deanna, Fri Jan 12 9:55am
        The inflation flew HIGH during Obama's term....but, as usual, Democrats and their media were and are totally blind to that FACT! Sorry!
        • Failure of sane moral leadership ~ PH💵🇱🇷💵EY, Fri Jan 12 11:39am
          and Washington instability, will cause the nations to dump the dollar. We will envy Venezuela.
          • Only IF ~ Deanna, Fri Jan 12 2:46pm
            The Democrats continue to support Socialism/Communism and win....sadly!!
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