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Tell it like it is
Does anyone here collect mineral specimens
Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:33pm

I started collection and buying .It is a nice hobby that does not eat anything.

    • I collect sea glass. ~ Merlin, Fri Jan 12 7:47pm
      Looks pretty and it's a good excuse to spend the morning wandering down the beach in the sun, surf, and sea breeze. Bonfire glass is not as pretty, but still interesting. Mostly it is small shards,... more
      • That's neat also ~ Tell it like it is, Fri Jan 12 7:55pm
        I think most everyone collects something. I have some glass rocks from a old glass factory I put one out in the Sun and it blew apart .
    • as a kid I started collecting stamps... ~ KDM on the left coast, Fri Jan 12 7:03pm
      ...never really stopped. I have the very first postage stamp produced by Great Britain in 1840. The "Penny Black" of Queen Victoria. If my hobby eats anything its money. ;o)
      • 1840 that is a old stamp ~ Tell it like it is, Fri Jan 12 8:02pm
        Is the stamp In good shape . I really never thought about what was the first stamp
      • Yes they cost but in most part go up in value ~ Tell it like it is, Fri Jan 12 7:51pm
        I have several old books full of old stamps that I bought at a estate sale years ago In St Louis. I really do not know anything about them other than they are old. I got a bunch of old postcards at... more
    • Tucson rock and Mineral show ~ Tell it like it is, Fri Jan 12 6:37pm
      Is on my bucket list next year
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