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KDM on the left coast good shape...and relatively affordable.
Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:58pm

I paid about $100 for it. America's first postage stamps came out in 1847. Two varieties came out that of Washington and another of Ben Franklin. Age alone is not the determining value of a postage stamp. Rarity, condition, mint unused, used (has postmark) age, demand all factor in.

I have a number of U.S. postage from the 1800's as well as from other countries.

U.S. Airmail stamps are in high demand...I have the .65 cent dirigible stamp in mint the three figure range. Came across a German airmail stamp on and envelope sent from Berlin in 1936. The letter was still was from and American family attending the 36' Olympics. Interesting to read of their experiences at the opening ceremony, seeing Hitler and a bunch of other NAZI big wigs who also attended. On the envelope it was noted that it had been sent to the U.S. on the Hindenburg dirigible...that blew up on a later flight at Lakehurst New Jersey. Only cost me $1.00 for that piece of history!

  • 1840 that is a old stamp ~ Tell it like it is, Fri Jan 12 8:02pm
    Is the stamp In good shape . I really never thought about what was the first stamp
    • good shape...and relatively affordable. ~ KDM on the left coast, Fri Jan 12 8:58pm
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