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Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:13am

David A. Clarke, Jr…….1h
Every once in a while Obama’s true colors rise to the surface. Oops, is that racist? His @FoxNews watchers are from a different planet comment is DOG WHISTLE for his hatred of WHITE CONSERVATIVES and anybody else whose views he does not agree with.

Joe Walsh……18h
EVERY President has uttered swear words in the Oval Office.

Only one President that I know of received oral sex in the Oval Office.

Just some perspective.

Fox News……25m
.@TuckerCarlson: @POTUS's 'S***hole' Comment Forcing a Conversation Our Leaders Don't Want to Have

The Trump Train…….16h
It's very telling that Trump associates all appear before Senate judiciary committee, but all Obama associates plead the Fifth.

Dan Bongino…….28m
Dear Nancy Pelosi,
Here are the “crumbs” $1,000 buys us:
- 2 to 3 months of car payments
- 4 to 5 weeks of groceries
- a week’s pay
- a mortgage payment
#Elitist #Snob #OutOfTouch

Dinesh D’Souza…….3h
I won’t say Trump has the most diplomatic way of putting things but he does have a way of speaking unspeakable truths

Charlie Kirk……16h
The left is successfully killing comedy

Late night TV is not even close to being funny anymore. It is just a former comedian spouting Democrat party talking points with a live TV audience

The Hill……17m
Tom Brokaw: GOP senators who "didn't recall" Trump's "shithole" remark need hearing aides

Brit Hume……5h
American Psychiatric Association Tells Shrinks: Stop Analyzing Trump

Fox News……42m
.@TomFitton: "@ChelseaClinton's wedding was back in 2010, which was the year of the [Haiti] earthquake, and the allegation was that Foundation resources were used for Clinton's wedding.”

Lori Hendry…….3h
It’s time for @realDonaldTrump to call Dick Durban the shithead that he is and anyone else who fabricate lies about our President! #shithole

Chuck Woolery…….15h
Well in the end it all comes down to Who Do You Trust? I trust Trump.

Phillip Schuyler…….42m
Sean Penn,
Trump enemy of the state? Was not Trump who refused to jail crims, deport illegals, or ban terrorists. It was O.
Trump enemy of compassion? Was not Trump who let ISIS expand to rape, kill 1000s innocents for 5yrs. It was O.
Trump stopped ISIS in 9 mos.
Stick to acting.

Jack Posoblec……27m
There is more evidence Obama's CIA colluded with ISIS than that Trump colluded with Russia

Sebastian Gorka……58m
If America is a land of rule-of-law, those who ordered that Republicans be spied upon for being Republicans must be named and brought to trial.

Fox News…….53m
This morning, @realDonaldTrump slammed Democrats for "blowing" their opportunity at a DACA deal.

David Burke……4h
In 1986, Donald Trump received the Ellis Island Award for Contributing to the Condition of Inner-City Black Youths. @realDonaldTrump Seen pictured with Rosa Parks & Muhammad Ali. @CNN @MSNBC, @NBC @ABC & @CBS likely mention this all the time; but it’s worth reminding #MyPresident

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