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I Agree With Brit Hume!
Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:53pm

Brit Hume….1h
Perhaps the best article on race I’ve read in many years

    • I didn't get Brit Hume, but a NYT ~ shadow, Sat Jan 13 5:55pm
      article by Shelby Steele that I could not access. However, Shelby Steele is a black intellectual who has been writing wisely for years and seems to be largely ignored by the noisy voices who think... more
      • Awww..... ~ Deanna, Sat Jan 13 6:14pm
        So you are aware of Shelby Steele.....that is great....I was not aware of him...I will remember him, now....:) But, there are many blacks that have come over to the Republican side...they are seeing... more
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