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Interesting Canadian Piece
Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:39pm

From Globe and Mail.....

The Globe and Mail
2 hrs ·
Opinion: "No one should be surprised by Donald Trump's comments Thursday [...] But just because you are not surprised does not mean you should not be alarmed. Mr. Trump is a racist. He has always been a racist.”

The rest of the Opinion of the above hysterical Canadian…..LOL and below the 2 main comments returned to her on Facebook…..

Jonathan TW Maybe all those countries will be so offended, they'll cut off all the foreign aid they provide the States....

Oh wait, its the other way around…

Marlon Neil Sick and tired of all these people and their fake outrage. Haiti has been living at the mercy of the Dominican Republic, wheres the outrage? The Sudan is in crisis, where are all the other African nations? Why are they not helping? Where is the outrage? Give it all week and all these people with their fake concern will move on to the next thing. If your house is a mess and you are told it is a mess, you clean up mess. Getting angry does nothing but make you an angry person living in a mess.

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