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Do You Cherish Democracy?
Thu Feb 8, 2018 9:16am (XFF:

The article details project REDMAP, the Republican strategy to gerrymander their way into political control from the state level to the federal level.

My question is this:

Is this okay when it's your party that does it?

For me, the answer is, "No."

The core concept behind democracy is that people choose their representatives. This strategy by Republicans was designed to subvert that and to take unearned control of the government.

The next question is more difficult:

While action can be forced via the courts by the party not in power, that is difficult and not certain - so, if your party had used such a strategy to gain unearned power, would you put ethics before party and demand that the situation be put right?

It seems to me that being a good faith actor in a democracy requires respecting the participation of others in that democracy, including those who disagree with you.


    • based on the concept of convexity. That is, all points on any straight line segment (actually great circle segment) in the state having its end points in a district must also lie in that district.... more
    • this exact same stuff and eventually lost it ANY way because like Amway, the scam only works until people wise-up and you run out of suckers. Dems could easily win it all back by not being traitorous ... more
    • True.... ~ Deanna, Thu Feb 8 9:38am
      But, I personally see no end to the, I bet there are just as many gerrymandered Democrat districts and there are Republican gerrymandered district.....and WHO is going to stop doing it... more
      • Right Now, We Have... ~ Amadeus, Thu Feb 8 2:59pm
        ...Pennsylvania state Republican legislators considering trying to impeach their State Supreme Court rather than abide a ruling to get rid of their gerrymandered districts. We have Scott Walker in... more
      • At This Time... ~ Amadeus, Thu Feb 8 1:29pm
        ...there are far more Republican gerrymandered districts than Democratic gerrymandered districts. Not that Democrats haven't been more guilty in the past. But the situation right now is what it is.... more
      • in 1994 by "nationalizing" the local congressional elections with the "Contract WITH America" and the left has be sniveling ever sense.
        • LOL... ~ Deanna, Thu Feb 8 11:29am
          Love it......:)
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