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Are qrats REALLY going to make a polical stand
Thu Feb 8, 2018 10:51am

on flinging open the front door and ringing the dinner bell for grillions of turd-worlders?

Looks like it!

I guess that's the fundemental problem with all Leftism...

Sooner or later people notice how BAD everything is... and despite the media ignoring or spinning the attendant problems, people notice ANY way.

So they begin to ingore the media (or assume the nearest opposite of what they're "reporting" is nearer the truth) and vote Conservative.

And when THAT works (as it always does) they desperately try to pretend somehow leftism caused all the good numbers.

They're totally out of the bag now --- not even pretending to have 'merica's best interest at heart -- not even close --- and NOW find themselves literally shutting down government IF citizens are not forced in spoating the turd-world.

So if you're a Disinfected Ute how do you react knowing YOUR congressman is importing YOUR competition and making YOU subsidize them?

Wise-up black folks! YOU are taking the brunt of the invasion!

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