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Class shows as "Donald Trump takes the high road, calls to
Thu Feb 8, 2018 3:55pm

check in on John McCain
December 17, 2017

Despite receiving biting criticism from Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in recent months, President Donald Trump demonstrated on Friday that politics are secondary to matters of health and family.

The president cast aside his contentious history with the ailing senior senator to call McCain’s wife, Cindy, over the weekend. In his call, Trump sent his “best wishes” to the 81-year-old’s family.

The details of the call have been kept private, but a social media post from White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders signaled the president’s concern for his fellow Republican.

McCain was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor over the summer, and though he has continued to show for a busy legislative season on Capitol Hill, the Arizona Republican reportedly showed signs of slowing down last week, when he was hospitalized at the Walter Reed Medical Center for complications from his cancer treatment.

Sources close to McCain said that the senator has appeared “increasingly frail” during recent Capitol Hill appearances.

Senate colleagues have also reported that McCain’s intense demeanor has been replaced by a more reserved legislative style in recent weeks as his illness has progressed.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) reportedly spoke with the senator’s wife Cindy on Wednesday, and gave an update on the Sen. McCain’s condition:

He is receiving treatment for the side effects of therapy. I feel pretty good about the way the treatment is affecting his underlying cancer. But the treatment has a downside. So he is trying to rest up. I am very confident that he will come back and continue to participate for a long time to come.

Stormy Past
Until his recently-acquired reserved nature, Sen. McCain had displayed his impassioned personality since before Trump won his party’s delegation for the presidency. When the veteran senator questioned Trump’s ability to lead the GOP during the 2016 presidential campaigns, Trump responded by challenging McCain’s war record.

Additionally, two months ago, while speaking at the 2017 Liberty Medal ceremony, McCain called Trump’s agenda “half-baked, spurious nationalism,” prompting the president to warn: “Be careful … I fight back.”

The rivalry continued through last week, when McCain warned that the president’s war with the “fake news…empowers repressive regimes to jail reporters.”

But despite their stormy past, Trump found a moment to send his “best wishes” to McCain and his family, proving that no political divide is too formidable to be breached by a genuine concern for health and wellbeing.

It’s always worth taking time out to appreciate when politicians who are so divided on issues can come together for the things we all cherish — especially during the Christmas season.

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