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"Thus will these mysteries be unravveled not through acquire
Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:03pm

d learning but by the Assistance of God." but Christians think they can unravel the prophecies by acquired learning.

    • " the assistance of God" ~ KDM on the left coast, Sun Feb 11 11:06am
      ...that's exactly what God provided John at the island of Patmos for the inspiration of the book of Revelation.
      • Not only spoke with John of Patmos, but ~ PH✝💥🕎EY, Sun Feb 11 1:58pm
        pulled out the silver screen and showed John the VISUALS. John "was astonished" at what he was viewing. Not only did he observe NYC, but also he saw the Statue of Liberty (Ishtar). John was... more
        • Yes...big screen in the sky.... ~ KDM on the left coast, Sun Feb 11 2:30pm
          ...but visions of NYC & Statue of Liberty? Pure conjecture on your part as there is no specific mention anywhere in Revelation for the U.S. (much less NYC) and exact geographical location matching... more
          • The point of Revelation is to ~ PH✝🇺🇸🕎EY, Sun Feb 11 5:56pm
            alert those who are alive 2,000 years later to get the hell out of her lest you partake of her plagues. "Come out of her My people lest.....! So what if he used a metaphor? Handy tool. And I agree... more
            • "get the hell out of her lest you partake of her plagues" ~ KDM on the left coast, Sun Feb 11 6:12pm
              .....and what exactly does that mean to you? Have you fled to some far off and distant refuge?
              • Were I a younger person ~ PH🔯🇺🇸🔯EY, Sun Feb 11 9:05pm
                I would. And I would encourage anyone with children to flee. At 73 I am not so keen to jump ship. My life is at its end not at a beginning. But younger people should sell and get out while there is... more
    • One has to suppose you are ~ PH✝🕎✝EY, Sat Feb 10 2:08pm
      jealous because I have unraveled the latter day prophecies. Sad. Sorry, but you chose the non-Judaic route. Therefore you are a blind man.
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