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Mondo Fuego™
SoKo Prex would be fool to visit NoKo
Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:32pm

Little "Rocket Man" is up to no good ... again.

    • he will only need a one-way ticket because he will never come back alive. DFM
      • Do you think Kim is suicidal? ~ Ken C, Sat Feb 10 9:36pm
        Why would he do that while Trump is president?
        • Moon Jae-in is President of South Korea. Kim Jong-un is President of North Korea. I am suggesting that, if Moon Jae-in visits the North, he will be on a one-way trip. There is no way he will return... more
      • Reapproachment would destroy the ~ PH👏🏾👻👏🏾EY, Sat Feb 10 6:47pm
        US-Asian alliances. SEATO would be irrelevant. China would quickly be recognized as the dominant power in the region stretching from Japan to Australia. It is imperative that Babylon attacks NK. Way... more
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