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Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:13am

Jack Posoblec…..3h
Once you’ve seen the entire media praise a brutal communist regime, why would you listen to anything else they report?

Just wait until the fawning left learns that in N Korea, there are only two genders, no gay rights, and women make just 70 cents.. not for every dollar a man earns, just 70 cents.

David Burke……2h
BREAKING: President Trump’s Approval Rating tops Obama’s at same point in Presidency. This News will make the Left lose its Elitist Mind

Voice of Europe……..4h
Possible next PM of Italy wants to close mosques and says Islam is incompatible with Italian values

Charlie Kirk…….19h
Despite failing over 100 times in the last 100 years on every major continent Marxism is still being taught as a good idea in our colleges

It is being taught by people who never had to flee gunfire or wait weeks to eat in actual socialist countries

Willie Geist……15h
I can report South Koreans here in Pyeongchang are not as enthralled with Kim Yo Jong and the North Korean cheerleaders as it seems some media are back home.

Something about N.K. killing, starving, & imprisoning its people while threatening South Korea with nuclear annihilation.

Laura Ingraham…….36m
Another indication of collusion with Russians… by Deep State against Trump. @realDonaldTrump

Phillip Schuyler…….5h
Two huge stories broke this wk:
1. Strzok & Page texts show Obama knew abt FBI's illegal spying on Trump & did nothing.
2. Clinton Foundation recd $3M (four .75M payments) from Russia while Hillary was Sec of State.
Remember when you used to report rather conceal big news?

Fox News……32m
.@DevinNunes: "There's been a war on people who actually build things, grow things, work with their hands. They think that if you're in the D.C. Beltway or NYC... or SF and LA, that this is somehow the people who make this country work. And the fact is: they don't have a clue.”

The Hill……38m
Minnesota school district drops "To Kill a Mockingbird," "Huckleberry Finn" from curriculum

Juanita Broadrick…….15h
Juanita Broaddrick Retweeted Barbra Streisand
You are so full of it @BarbraStreisand after kissing up to Bill Clinton for decades and even rumored to have had an affair with him in the 2014 book by Daniel Halper. YOU have no right to speak for victims.
Juanita Broaddrick added,
Barbra Streisand
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Donald Trump - Misogynist-in-Chief - defends the accused, not the accuser. According to Trump, all women accusers are lying. The pattern is there - Trump defended Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, and Roy Moore - saying things like, “They denied it, you have to listen to that."

Brit Hume…….18h
Brit Hume Retweeted CNN International
Does this puff piece mean she’s gotten over her dictator brother’s murder of her other brother?
CNN International‏Verified account
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Kim Jong Un's sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics

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