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Screw profit! During a pandemic,
Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:38am

vital life saving medications should be FREE!! AIDS was a good example of ripping off the sick and dying years ago. A deadly flu is sweeping the nation. Tamiflu costs over $100. The government should intervene, and get the price way down to zero.

    • Not FREE but CHEAP. ~ DFM, Tue Feb 13 8:46pm
      If it is free, nobody will produce it. Let them have 10,000 % profit and sell their one cent pill for a dollar. That should be plenty to keep production going. Instead, they have 1,000,000 % profit... more
    • "Free"... LOL... ~ Sprout, Tue Feb 13 10:07am
      So, you want everyone to pay in advance instead... There is no such thing as free. You either pay before, or you pay during, or you pay after... Or... as you probably want... you want SOMEBODY ELSE... more
      • My point is to ~ PH💉💀💉EY, Tue Feb 13 10:26am
        make it easy and dirt cheap to gain access to a medication that will ease death and suffering. The cost comes out of the federal budget and that hefty 13% Pentagram budget insanity is just the place... more
    • distribute the medications to all work as unpaid volunteers?
      • Look u "March of Dimes"established ~ clint (II), Tue Feb 13 12:40pm
        back in the 40s
      • Such a silly question. ~ PH💉😝💉EY, Tue Feb 13 9:48am
        Take some of the war for profit largess and work out a cost cutting deal with the rip off artists. The federal government can do this. Frankly, with all the talk about national security, how come... more
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