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Tell it like it is
DOW still 4000 points too high
Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:24am

If we only knew who was the big stock buyers. Russia China maybe .The market has hiccups BURP!!!

    • Put your money where your mouth is...short the market ~ Deplorable Pheoma, Tue Feb 13 12:39pm
      but then maybe you don't believe your own words.
    • must have been disappointing for you... ~ KDM on the left coast, Tue Feb 13 11:33am see the market jump back up yesterday. Tsk, tsk.
      • in an effort to score political points for their side. I looked at the market gains during Obama's administration as good news for all Americans. I think there would have been more of them if Obama... more
        • A fools paradise. Consume, ~ PH💵💵💵EY, Tue Feb 13 1:13pm
          take, steal, make war, eat up your earth with no constraints, no responsibility to life but to death as the logical outcome of such perfidious reference to a "market" as if it's some quaint small... more
          • the most part. I live fairly simply and believe all people should simply be treated fairly. I'm preparing for my future retirement so as not to be a burden on society or my children. My intent is to... more
        • You Were in a Very Small Minority... ~ Merlin, Tue Feb 13 12:55pm
          I looked at the market gains during Obama's administration as good news for all Americans. when it came to Republicans in Congress, Fox News, Limbaugh, Coulter, and assorted other AltReich pundits,... more
          • the Obama administration as bad news for them personally. In reality! Their only true lament was that the gains were not bigger. :o) Of course, I looked at any gains during Obama's tenure as... more
            • A word of wisdom TW ~ Tell it like it is, Tue Feb 13 1:49pm
              My friend saved and did without all his life to live well in his retirement. Which he did for a short time ended up in a nursing home $8700 month then he died and what money was left his children... more
              • Good advice! ~ PH💰⚰💰EY, Tue Feb 13 6:57pm
                All the kids think about is when will they get theirs. Please die sooner than later. What IS welfare but passing on your money to those who never earned it?
              • like the next few days are your last. The old ant and the grasshopper scenario. I get your point though. You have to live some today as there may be no tomorrow.
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