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Artificial structures on the moon!
Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:51pm

Yes, the moon is an arcology, totally covered in and on the surface with fantastic ruins. Dare I suggest Aliens? Dare I proffer the structures are ruins? Or are they currently under construction? Might one wonder given the facts that perhaps there are sentient creatures living in our moon? has produced amazing evidence. His videos are astounding. He has explained his technique. No compression artifacts, no pixilation. Upon viewing these videos, a small sampling of his prolific accomplishment to out NASA misinformation (coverup), we are treated to a realization that we are entering a new paradigm. The startling lunar revelation cannot be forced back into a four square toxic apple, the tree of knowledge is now free for ALL TO CLIMB, not just a small cabal of NASA/Pentagon elites. Thanks, Bruce!!

    • Trivia question no fair gewglin'... ~ Ted, Tue Feb 13 6:31pm
      If say an standard stop-sign at a typical residental intersection represents the oith... ... how far and how BIG would the moon be to scale? (it's further than you think, prolly)
    • "Look at me! PLEASE look at me!" (nm) ~ Curmudgeon , Tue Feb 13 6:03pm
    • Here is PROOF of stuff on the Moon! ~ DFM, Tue Feb 13 2:50pm
      Bruce is an idiot and so is anyone who believes him. DFM
      • You are dismissive of a great discovery. ~ PH🌍🚀🌍EY, Tue Feb 13 6:36pm
        This is not a new discovery but has been known in the elite NASA hierarchy since the Apollo Program. Maybe earlier. Bruceseesall is proving what Hoagland discovered. Only in greater detail. Too bad... more
        • There are no vivid colors, although some very pale ones. DFM
          • Chinese Jade Rabbit showed color. ~ PH🌈🌈EY, Wed Feb 14 8:23am
            Why do you ignore Brown's, reds, and green/blue rocks?
            • Because those colors are VERY faint. ~ DFM, Wed Feb 14 8:42am
              To the human eye, the colors are barely perceptible. The Moon appears GRAY through a telescope. Try looking directly at the Moon and forget about the Photoshopped images of your crazy friend. DFM
              • Very slowly you are morphing. ~ PH🌓👽🌗EY, Wed Feb 14 11:47am
                That's good. And honest. Now let's move the marker a bit further. Please tell me where in the Jade Rabbit rover deployment is there any gray color. Inquiring minds want to know if you ought to go see ... more
    • dare I say, more hallucinations? ~ KDM on the left coast, Tue Feb 13 2:09pm
      In any event, if sentient creatures are living in our moon, how about encouraging them to settle in Sacramento? There is a shortage of sentient creatures there.
      • The incredible is not ~ PH🌓🌍🌗EY, Tue Feb 13 6:48pm
        so incredible. We have been exploring our solar system in a rather small way since last mid century. We know very little. Especially when the facts of extraterrestrial structures is given low profile ... more
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