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Tell it like it is
Low Dose Radiaton Research
Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:47pm

Is on the house floor now.More nuclear power plants coming your way. I do not care how they water it down that is the plan

    • Anything to make a buck. ~ PH🌍⚰🌍EY, Tue Feb 13 7:22pm
      One would believe Fukusima would have put a nail in their evil coffins. But Dracularians seem to never die. They get rich. We get cancer.
    • I sure hope so... back in Sacramenter ~ Ted, Tue Feb 13 6:24pm
      SMUD opined that once Rancher Secer came online electric meters would be phased out (pun intended but you won't get it) and a flat-rate --- about $35mo residential --- would be pleanty to cover the... more
    • Texas getting a new NUKE ~ Tell it like it is, Tue Feb 13 6:11pm
      About the only House reps in meeting were from Texass Now they will be able to nuke Mexicans soon enough
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