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Kehinde Wiley....a racist?
Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:32pm

Why do I feel this artist is a racist? Well, I know not how many portraitures he has painted of Blacks decapitating Whites. I have had the displeasure of visually cogitating over the purpose for why he created on canvas at least two such grisly affronts to racial harmony. Maybe he has dozens. Maybe he intellectualizes his rationale. Does racism have a rationale? Can an overt repugnant visual be excused as his artistic "license?" Imagine if you will the hue and cry from Black Americans had the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts allowed a White portrait painter to display severed black heads held in the hand of a White women. Yet, this great Southern institute did, to its everlasting hypocrisy for allowing these racist paintings to be displayed.

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