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You Mean This EPA Under Obama????
Fri Mar 9, 2018 12:16pm

I am more than glad Trump is President to get rid of Obama's EPA....Thank You!!

  • One surely cannot be pleased ~ PH🤔🤓😚EY, Fri Mar 9 11:08am
    with his EPA pick. Foxes guarding the henhouse is not progress. However, the attacks on the President are scurriously salacious beyond the political debate, gutter gossip, that serves to weaken the... more
    • You Mean This EPA Under Obama???? ~ Deanna, Fri Mar 9 12:16pm
      • Where have you been? ~ PH😱🇺🇸😱EY, Fri Mar 9 1:48pm
        The EPA IS A CORPORATE CAPTURE. Check out that agency top management for the past two dcades. It's not owned by any sitting President. It's owned by corporate America. Just like that same corporate... more
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