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Tell it like it is
Russia may have been caught using nerve gas
Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:56am


    • Neocon propaganda. Prove it! (nm) ~ PH😀😀EY, Mon Mar 12 2:39pm
    • A Breach Etiquette ! ~ Merlin, Mon Mar 12 9:19am
      I have never read a good explanation of why poison gas is considered too rude to be used in warfare to kill combatants, civilians, fauna, flora, etc. en masse and contaminate the environment for... more
      • I doubt that my grandfather who ~ shadow, Mon Mar 12 12:07pm
        was poisoned in WW1 and suffered consequences his entire life would let you off with a mere quip. It is cruel and unusual punishment for starters. And the consequences, should the person live, last a ... more
        • Try radiation, enough that one ~ PH😱😱EY, Mon Mar 12 5:08pm
          craps out one 'a intestines.
          • I'm sure you could be more crude, ~ shadow, Mon Mar 12 5:46pm
            more profane and more thoughtless, but I don't know how. In the absence of strong reasoning skills, many resort to screaming somehow thinking that the message is clearer, when it is only louder and... more
            • It's a medical FACT!! Horrific! ~ PH😙🚽😙EY, Tue Mar 13 9:51am
              When a teenager I was fascinated with what was done to Nagasaki and Hiroshima by the unwarranted nuking of those two civilian experiments. Thusly I read all available at my school library....yes it's ... more
            • Splat! (nm) ~ Curmudgeon , Mon Mar 12 5:50pm
        • We're not talking about the restrictions upon criminal punsihment in the USA Constitution. Was in its very essence is cruel and unusual. The casualties of war, winners and losers, civilians and... more
          • Yes, war is horrific. ~ shadow, Mon Mar 12 1:30pm
            But even war has rules to play by. The bad guys never follow the rules. I don't like it if we act like bad guys!
      • You haven't read much then.... (nm) ~ Sprout, Mon Mar 12 9:33am
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