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Fascism on the prowl!
Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:32am

Ah yes, the world of the internet🐍. I said this years ago: The computer will become the greatest enslavement device for the individual and the collective EVER. It is designed to collect, collate, and categorize. And when the collapsing empire does go psycho (turning inward for scapegoats) it will be a direct physical threat to millions of human lives. History is proven to follow a well worn bloody trail laid out by the control freaks. The bastard child of 9-11 (founded on a con) is coming for journalists and purveyors of public information. It's not like MSM "journalists" do not deserve the intimidation. They have earned it by willingly accepting a paycheck for towing the politically correct BS that makes a mockery of "the most trusted name in news." But, these corporate-owned fakers are likely less a target of free-speech hindering than are the Indy News channels of the Internet. Afterall, read the script or get out. Here attached is yet another government trouncing of free speech in the name of "security." Homeland security no less, a insecurity of free speech intimidation. Big Brother is here!!

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