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Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:26am

The Trump Train……..,9h
Who didn’t get raided by the FBI:

-Eric Holder
-Hillary Clinton
-Loretta Lynch
-John Podesta
-Donna Brazile
-Debbie Wasserman Schultz
-Robby Moot
-David Brock
-Susan Rice
-Huma Abedin
-Anthony Weiner
-Harvey Weinstein
-Burns Strider

But Michael Cohen does?

Charles V. Payne……..3h
Breaking News
Reforms I talked about yesterday announced Dow +300 points but watch experts work hard to dismiss. Their loathing of any good news is palpable and damaging. promises to ‘open’ up China’s markets — and cut tariffs on car imports

Ryan Fournier…..10h
The @FBI knew about the Pulse Nightclub shooter that killed 49 people, refused to act.

They knew about the Parkland shooter that killed 17, refused to act.

But the FBI acts on flakey information about a porn star.

You cannot tell me that the FBI isn’t politically motivated.

Dan Bongino……..1h
Two strong and vocal black women, Diamond & Silk, are throttled by Facebook and accused of producing “unsafe” content. Oh, and they happen to be Trump supporters.
If they were liberals we’d already be hearing howls of racism.

Fox News…….11h
.@DiamondandSilk: "We see the corruption that's going on in Washington, and we didn't like it. That's why we voted for @realDonaldTrump." @IngrahamAngle

Donald J. Trump…….2h

Mark Simone…….10h
MUELLER caught in a totally CORRUPT act. He's investigating Victor Pinchuk's small $150,000 donation to the Trump Foundation, but NOT investigating his massive $25,000,000 donation to the Clinton foundation, and her lying about knowing him:

Fox & Friends……3h
.@AlanDersh: If FBI raids had been sprung upon Hillary Clinton rather than President Trump, the ACLU would be on every TV station jumping up and down (via #Hannity)

Charlie Kirk…….9h
The most intolerant people in the world are those that preach tolerance and acceptance

Roseanne Barr……4h
do not send me any negative or hateful articles written about me, & don't send me anything about any of my ex husbands either, or I will block u. thanks!

The Trump Train……55m
If the deep state tries to remove President Trump from office they better be ready for millions of Americans to take up arms and fight this corruption.

We will not let them takeover our country!

Ann Coulter……10h
Mueller is DYING to get fired. Then he'll be a martyr! A hero! Otherwise, he's just a loser who couldn't find any crimes by Trump.

Donald J. Trump……2h
Attorney–client privilege is dead!

Mark Pantano…..2h
Hey Twitter,

Instead of spending all your time figuring out ways to shadow ban and sabotage conservative accounts, could you spend maybe an hour or so developing an EDIT FUNCTION??

David Burke……2h
Want definitive PROOF of Robert Mueller’s bias? His Office is Investigating a $150K Donation from Ukrainian Victor Pinchuk to a Trump Charity, while IGNORING a $13 Million donation from Pinchuk to the Clinton Foundation! #FireRosenstein #FireMuellerNow

Carpe Donktom…..12h
Alan Dershowitz on the FBI raiding Michael Cohen's office: "This is a very dangerous day today for lawyer client relations... The deafening silence of the ACLU and the civil libertarians about the intrusion into lawyer-client confidentiality is really appalling.”

Joel Fischer……13h
We're still waiting for the raid
1. Bill Clinton
2. Hillary Clinton
3. Clinton Foundation
4. Clinton Campaign
5. DNC
6. Perkins Coie
7. FusionGPS
8. Christopher Steele
9. James Comey
10. Andrew McCabe
11. Terry McAuliffe
12. James Clapper
13. John Brennan
12. Peter Strzok

Katrina Pierson…..2h
Where is the Clinton Attorney raid?

Jack Posoblec……2h
Agent: Well, we haven’t found anything. It’s been almost two years. Can we all just go home now?

Mueller: Let’s steal his lawyer’s computer!

Laura Ingraham……2h
Laura Ingraham Retweeted Zeke Miller
Most in press will NEVER give @realDonaldTrump actual credit for policies and strategies that work. Imagine if prior presidents had had the same resolve vis a vis China.
Laura Ingraham added,
Zeke Miller
Verified account

China's president offers US possible trade concessions

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