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Who (or what) owns the
Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:12am

national dialogue? Why do you think your thoughts like a parrot? And mouth the repetitive for a cracker? Why is Indy Media under attack? Why is independent thought and dissemination such a threat to MSM and the ruling political and economic elite? Some statistics:

Six mega global media corporations operating under the flag of Babylon:

GE/Newscorp/Disney/Viacom/Time Warner/CBS.

These six own the following;

1,500 newspapers.

1,100 magazines.

9,000 radio stations.

1,500 TV stations.

2,400 publishers.

Is there any wonder why the vast majority have not an independent thought in their brain. And cannot think for themselves. It's the same script everywhere....a cookie cutter mouth organ designed to control dialogue and perception. The beast is not going to empower the viewer, reader, listener. It directs the stampede. Fake and bake. This creature is only one tentacle of the Deep State Octipussy. The monstrosity is not about free speech. Absolutely the opposite. Congress is its whore. It views the Indy Media as a threat to profits and control. And this tentacle is the force in league with the "Zuckerbergs." Its fascism in its purest form. Corporate censorship! Fvk the First Amendment! Polly want a cracker? Baby Bush reportedly stated their mindset when he said the Constitution.."It's just a piece of paper." I bet few realize the Constitution is an actual treaty, a contract between authority and the people. How many treaties did the American Indians discover was ass wipe? "They speak with forked tongue." Ghost chickens come home to roost.

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