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Lynch offers another lame excuse for Collusion with Clinton
Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:36am

She actually said "I would have recused myself from the Clinton Investigation 'if advised to do so' ".

Wait! She was head of the Department of Justice. Who would have "advised her to do so"? The only person that could have advised her to recuse herself from the Clinton Investigation would have been her boss, Obama.

Note that now, she is now referring to it as an "Investigation" instead of the watered-down rhetoric "Matter" that she ordered Comey to use back in July 2016.

Remember the meeting with Bill Clinton on the Phoenix airport tarmac back in July 2016 3 days before Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook?

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Was it just a coincidence that Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch were at the same airport at the same time?

2. What were each doing there?

3. How did Bill Clinton know that Lynch would be there?

4. Why did Clinton wait for her to arrive, when he was already due to take off?

5. Why did Lynch let Clinton on her plane?

6. Why did they order everyone else off her plane.

7. Why did the Secret Service attempt to conceal their meeting?

8. Did they really discuss only "golf and grandchildren"? For 30 minutes? Wan'na buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

9. Did Clinton threaten to blackmail Lynch with something he had on her? Or, did Clinton offer her that she could keep her job as AG if she let Hillary off the hook and if Hillary won the election?

The heat is rising in her kitchen ... she may get fried.

But I doubt it. In politics, black people and women are not held accountable, so she has a double pass.

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