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TEXRA, Taxpayer
Mondo, avoid arguing with the DUMocrat Puissants...
Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:21pm

...They're too stupid for you to waste your time on. They live to make you angry. They want to drag you down to their level.

    • ooh Texas Taxpayer - whoop ~ Trish, Tue Apr 10 9:52pm
      i doubt anyone here gets away with hiding their taxes or not paying them. Live to make someone angry? Dude you just described your mission to a T. I have yet to see you do anything more than insult... more
      • When JFK was assassinated the ~ clint (), Wed Apr 11 8:57am
        school teachers in Dallas Texass stood with their classes and cheered.These kids now run Texass,so what else can you expect?
        • Prove it toad! ~ TW, Wed Apr 11 9:51am
          I think you're just hot air.
          • Really? ~ clint (I), Wed Apr 11 11:24am
          • It's a fact wanted posters with bulls eyes ~ PH👁🇺🇸👁EY, Wed Apr 11 10:38am
            cross hairs over JFKs mug was plastered all over Dallas the day he was offed by divergent Mafia-style agencies, and groups. As a teenager in Virginia I very much recall the general conservative... more
        • Yes, sick bastards! ~ PH👁🇺🇸👁EY, Wed Apr 11 9:15am
          The Hunts, Murchisons, LBJ, Bush, Cabell, Ruby, Zapruder, Shaw, Lansky, Dimona, Vietnam, Pentagon, Bay of Pigs, CIA, Cubans, they ALL CHEERED! I read recently Texas land is physically collapsing at... more
      • See what I mean Mondo? ~ TEXRA, Taxpayer, Wed Apr 11 5:53am
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