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On the brink!
Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:43am

One would believe the board is utterly unaware of what is going down. One would believe the Babylonian sheeple would be out in the streets just saying NO to WW3. But no, the MSM and Deep State have transfixed the national psyche onto a salacious minor soap opera. The insouciant and the brain dead seem not to realize the serious existential nuclear threat rapidly developing over yet another fake alledged chemical attack. And the fraud is the identical false flag fiction that was one year ago perpetrated in Syria. Remember? Trump lost his cool and launched missles. And that was PRE-BOLTON. Bolton has somehow returned like a bad dream and is now Trump's National "Security" Advisor. Who engineered his resurrection?He is gasoline to a smoldering fire. Russia just stated it will destroy any missles land aircraft aunched at Syria. And aircraft. And the launch platforms, i.e. destroyers and carriers. Is your city, town, home, family worth trading for a war over Syria? A war that will go nuclear! Call the White House. Phone your so-called Congressional Rep. Stop the madness!!

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