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KDM on the left coast
reparations for "former" slaves?
Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:37pm

    • She says the black children are in need ~ G🙌🏾G, Fri Apr 13 1:53pm
      because a black single mother is struggling with children and reparations would help. What I want to know is where is the black good for for nothing sorry ass drug addled pimp that fathered those... more
    • been dead for many decades.
      • I could not agree more. ~ G👏🏾G, Fri Apr 13 1:36pm
        But if the racist loons persist and get the money they seek, there must not be any more welfare monies provided. That is it...the tether has been severed. Or a trade could be worked out. Reparations... more
      • A Thought Exercise... ~ Amadeus, Fri Apr 13 10:17am
        What if they weren't? Would you consider reparations the moral thing to do? Assuming you do, then let's move the timeline a little. What if mainly the children of former slaves remained, but not the... more
        • Yes, one could contemplate a case for ~ G👻G, Fri Apr 13 1:42pm
          Children being given reparation. That's it. Not their grandchildren, African relatives in Liberia, etc. Was there a call for reparations at the time of the ill-conceived Emancipation Edict? If not,... more
        • Reparations from the specific person who ~ Sprout, Fri Apr 13 12:16pm
          did the harm to the person harmed is rational. Reparations to descendents from descendents is not.
    • Sadly, She IS A Very Sad Person ~ Deanna, Thu Apr 12 9:51pm
      and horribly misguided..... As for reparations.....who does she think owes such a thing....?? The Union Soldiers fought for their freedom with thousands of whites dying for the blacks freedom........ more
      • such reparations is a very bad idea... ~ KDM on the left coast, Thu Apr 12 9:56pm going to folks today who did nothing to earn it. Just another way to scam the system as 'victocrats'. Of course this plays right into the hands of politicians like this woman from Missouri.
        • we agree on this ~ Trish, Fri Apr 13 9:06am
          its like asking the Church to give reparations to modern Witches... it makes no sense. If slavery victims were alive today that's one thing. I have no issue with reparations from the Catholic church... more
        • You Are Right..... ~ Deanna, Thu Apr 12 9:59pm
          She only appeals to her constituents.....and that is what they believe.....poor things.... She needs to stir them up so she gets her lucrative job again....:)
          • thats what it is all about... ~ KDM on the left coast, Fri Apr 13 9:17am
            ...pandering for votes & perpetuating the 'plantation mentality' for her own political career. Pathetic.
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